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Individual tax returns

Taxes are complicated and the multitude of paperwork involved can be confusing by taken SAA Parramatta to look after all you matters; it is first step for your success on maximising your tax returns according ATO Rule and Regulation without any stress.

Tax Minimisation planning

SAA Parramatta offers first class accounting advice and guidance to individuals looking to minimise their tax liabilities according to ATO rules and regulations.   We provide our clients up-to-date advice regarding tax saving tips and recent changes.

self managed super funds

SAA Parramatta will use the expertise of our SMSF Team to setup and ensure compliance with government regulations. 

We can also manage your funds on a monthly basis.

Trust and general advice

SAA Parramatta is your one-stop accounting and taxation firm for your trust related and asset protection advice. We can also discuss any general tax related questions. We'll help to resolve any issues you might have.

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